Registration of Marriage (Part 2)

Yipppeee Yay!!
The first big step is done! We’re legally married and totally recognized by the government. No more paperwork!! for now… 😉

Surprisingly, it took just awhile, all we need to do was stand and raise our right hand, say “i do”, agree to the marriage conditions by the law and sign the certificate. Total time: 20 mins plus photo taking.
We did not exchange rings nor smooch nor wore fancy clothes, just formal wear, because the idea was to just sign the papers and obtain the certificate.
Am so relieved there was not any hindrances, Thank GOD!

Right after we’re labelled husband and wife, we were excited! And it surely felt different, suddenly the seriousness of commitment and being a husband/ wife felt so heavy and important. A commitment where divorce should never, repeat never be an option. 

Commitment: The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons

I am truly excited to be part of the Maclaine-Cross family, and i’m thankful for such caring in-laws too 🙂


Pic: After ROM at Putrajaya


ROM date: 4th December 2007


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