Wedding Cake

March 2007:
Doug was told that the hotel (wedding venue) wedding cake (complimentary= free) was fake, yes the whole 4 tiers are fake. That moment on .. he decided to have a real cake made.

November 2007:
We decided to meet up the cake maker before continuous procrastination delay us, after months of research and delaying and many quotations from different confectioners, we finally decided on based on the budget we have in mind.

He was helpful and informative to us customers who knew nothing much about cake details, a spontaneous, smiley and a gentle character indeed.
We took one weekend to visit his home-based business and chatted in depth about the cake design and charges, basically i searched online the design (below) and have him to copy exactly, add some words onto the surface and select the flavours, easy peasy.


A simple and pretty cake was all we wanted, am never a fan of overloaded fancy floral cakes designs with more than 4 tiers! No offense to those who do.

Total cost of cake: Rm 630 (3 tiers, including delivery charges)

Check out his website for more info:


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