Registration of Marriage (Part 1)

Finally! After months of procrastination and issues on Doug’s Visa in KL, the application has been applied and settled for now.
Surely it has been a little stressful for both of us. The process could have been shorter and sweeter if it weren’t for some challenges.. but our faith in God was fruitful.

Having to take time off between our busy schedules to visit the Australian Embassy, was little difficult due to workload, as we need to apply for the ‘No Impediment’ or ‘single status’ letter which is a requirement/ procedure for locals marrying non-citizens.
Surprisingly, it only took half and hour!

The next stage was to go JPN Putrajaya, obtain a number and wait for your turn, once the Application of Marriage form is filled, a short drive to the Foreign Affairs dept nearby to get the ‘No Impediment’ document endorsed.. and later return back to JPN, obtain a number and wait.. and wait and wait… we actually waited for 4 hours when our number blinked! It was during lunch hour and being a Friday.. it’s normal to waaaait thaaaat loooong..

In conclusion, we spend the whole day, 9am-5pm at JPN when it could have been done in half a day… sigh.. sometimes i think to myself, how considerably ‘blessed’ these government servants are, extra lunch hours on Fridays, recent increment and yet can be oh sooo slooow in their work!

Anyways.. no complaints, am very glad the first process is done! Woohoo!
We have scheduled for 4th December 2007 for the official signing procedure, meaning we’ll be married legally, recognised by the govt that is.

The marriage journey begins right after the Ceremony on 5th Jan 2008… I so look forward… for the honeymoon after.. heh!


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